Gooey Butter Cookies Assorted! W/Recipe

Hello everyone, I’ve found this recipe and had to try it, which I did, and that made me make this blog! Do you need a mouth watering butter cookie that’s also gooey inside? I know what you’re thinking, but trust me it was good. You should try it too, it bursts with flavor, and you can have different kinds for each craving, check it out!


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Kiwi Cupcakes (I’ve failed) W/Recipe

If you were expecting this, and your nto an expert than you can forget this beautiful look when you try it. Because ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY BAKE THE PERFECT CUPCAKE. Oh well, I will just give you the recipe, it tasted great but looked horrible. 

This is what it is supposed to look like:



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A New Beginning

Hello everyone! Welcome to Baking Fresh, as the first post I would like to say hi and welcome. I hope you guys enjoy our new blog which will give you baking tips and feedback for the recipes we’ve tried. And if this is already exciting, you guys will get access to BF’s baking portfolio. But wait, I can’t take all the credit can I? So I will say now that, Thank you guys for the amazing recipes and we’ve loved them, I hope this will give you a lot of credit as I will continue to advertise your website for every recipe, you’ve made, and I posted!

Thank you guys, comment below on what you think!